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Do not break savegames in campaign.
Bring back the previously deleted cyborg body components so as not to break saves.

cam2-2: Increase factory throttle times.
Vincent Lejeune
Add SECURE_NO_WARNING macro to reduce warnings from MSVC.
Attempt to prevent fpath warning in cam2-1x.js.
Do not regroup the southeast cyborg group and make them patrol the original coordinates.

Revert commit 0878031 for the time being.
Replace OpenSSL
Use much smaller, portable micro-ECC and SHA2 libraries.
Update campaign templates and fix base detection.
Change how group ids are given for campaign. Saveload and newGroup() could cause group ID clashes and trigger events that should not have been triggered (ie. early enemy base detection).

Use only one unified body component for campaign cyborgs called
"CyborgLightBody". Also research for cyborg weapons now grants the
weapon instead of the special body component only for that cyborg.
Removed some duplicate cyborgs in production menu.
German translation update by Kreufv.
Closes #4597.
Move cam1ca script function to library.
camCountStructuresInArea(label) can now be used in all other mission scripts if needed.
Fix an error message about non droids being moved again.
Warn transporter is under attack in cam2-a.
A warning plays about the transporter under attack after 1 minutes when the fifth transporter load is called in.
Libcampaign: Check all enemy bases for elimination conditions in cam_eventGameLoaded(). Helps fix previously affected saves with bases not eliminating correctly in the past.
Campaign updates.
-Remove "requiredStructures" from a few research topics.
-Do not share alliance vision in campaign with formAlliance().
-sequence.cpp: Introduce a small hack to make cam2diif.ogg play with hackAddMessage().
-cam2-2: Remove hover inferno from the hover factory.
appveyor fixes
Fix score and kills not showing in skirmish.
If in debug mode scores and kills would not be shown. Now
they are without them being saved.

Fixes ticket:3491. Patch by forum member Forgon.
Update campaign scripts.
cam2-b/3-a/3-1: Remove old VTOL related function calls that no longer exist.
Make the style format more consistent.
Play music in intelligence screen.
Patch by forum member Forgon.
Fixes ticket:4632.
Updates for campaign.
libcampaign: Make sure to distinguish base group structures when loading a save if the base has a shared cleanup region. Also Improved VTOL hit and runners.
cam2-2: Increase default power for the Collective.
cam2-d: Must destroy all enemy objects to win.
cam2-a and cam3-a: Do not set transporters with experience.

Some minor campaign script syntax corrections.
Do not try loading missing videos.
Patch by forum member Forgon.
Fixes ticket:4631.
Make some campaign factory throttles more fair.
Bernhard M. Wiedemann
Make zip file creation reproducible
by adding -X option to not store extra UNIX timestamps
and by sorting the recursed input file list

See https://reproducible-builds.org/ for why this is good.
Per Inge Mathisen
qtscript: New function setObjectFlag()
Added setObjectFlag(object, flag, value) which allows you to set
a flag on or off for a game object. For now, only the new flag
OBJECT_FLAG_UNSELECTABLE is supported, which will make game
object unable to be selected by the player.

New cheat code 'untouchable' allows you test test this functionality.
Improve HQ destruction in multiplayer for mods.
Useful feature for mods that allow a player to build multiple HQs.
Patch by forum member ShadowWolfTJC.
Fixes ticket:3465.
Fix Nullbot research item and revert a few changes.
Reverts part of 2ce9492 where "Incenediary" was corrected to "Incendiary" so as
not to break mods and savegames.

Fully revert 6000e5e so resolutions can be changed again.

Fixes Nullbot research for super pulse laser cyborg.

Fixes ticket:4639.
Update translations.
make -Cpo update-po
Per Inge Mathisen
Protect cheat mode also after loading game.
Used to be possible to enter cheat mode without the
special key command if you had loaded a savegame.

Closes ticket:4612, patch by Forgon.
Update cam1-7 script.
Make the artifact group regroup and start moving sooner.
Increase timers on some Alpha missions.
libcampaign: The difference between hard and insane difficulty modifiers are a bit more noticeable.
cam1-5(s): Add eight minutes if on insane difficulty and make the production timers much more reasonable. Activate New Paradigm factories a few minutes later.
cam1-d: Initial attack happens later and some factory timers have been increased.
Fix Beta script cam2-a transport limit.
Now it should not let players bring in more than five transporters.
More campaign script updates.
Cam2-a: Do not damage first transporter when doing the pre-damage droids and structures routine.
Cam2-c: Fix odd format with artifact setting function and correct a factory
throttle time.
Cam1-d: Make factory throttles a bit longer.
Vincent Lejeune
Update Windows build instruction.
Even more campaign updates.
-cam1-d: Use the original coordinates for the NW base as otherwise it was way too big.
-Remove useless message and proximity files that are not used.
-Move cam2-2 commander escape to south road.
-cam1-b: Move enemyBase3 cleanup farther north.
-cam1-4a: Remove blip after reaching LZ 2.
-QtScript: fireWeaponAtLoc(x, y, weapon). Fire a weapon projectile at a given location.
-Fix mixed base detection/elimination.
Per Inge Mathisen
Address player as 'Commander' in tutorial/campaign.
Patch in ticket:4612 by Forgon.
Fix Mac builds
- [Mac] Update to QT 5 (5.9.1)
- [Mac] Update to SDL 2 (2.0.5)
- [Mac] Update to Gettext
- [Mac] Update to GLEW 1.13.0
- [Mac] Update to LibOgg 1.3.2
- [Mac] Update to LibPng 1.6.32
- [Mac] Update to LibVorbis 1.3.5
- [Mac] Remove FontConfig
- [Mac] Remove Fribidi
- [Mac] Remove Prebuilt FreeType
- [Mac] Remove QuesoGLC
- [Mac] Add FreeType 2.8
- [Mac] Add Harfbuzz 1.4.8
- [Mac] Enhance fetch scripts to support fetching (and unpacking) DMG files (currently used for: SDL 2)
- [Mac] Enhance fetch scripts to use SHA256
- [Mac] Add patch scripts for transforming QT5 frameworks to support Xcode's built-in code signing
- [Mac] Fix the Help generator script
- [Mac] Fix the Gettext script
- [Mac] Fix the Xcode project to reflect the current Warzone sources (and the above dependencies)
- [Mac] Enable ARC for the main WZ sources Objective-C code
- [Mac] Enable more build warnings
- [Mac] Overhaul the way the SDL Mac app is run (see: WZSDLAppDelegate)
- [Mac] Properly handle NSApplication termination by posting an SDL_QUIT event and allowing the main game loop to handle saving and shutting down gracefully
- [Mac] Remove / replace some deprecated APIs and frameworks
- [Mac] Remove extra (and outdated) Mac-specific copies of the COPYING files - use the main ones instead
- [Mac] Add various useful command-line options to the main app Xcode build scheme (disabled by default)
- [Mac] Add sandboxing support (requires code signing to be configured)
- [Mac] Add macosx/README.md with detailed build instructions
Spelling Corrections.
Patch from forum member Forgon.
Fixes ticket:4617.
Merge pull request #94 from vlj/wrap_gl_fix
Fix crash when texture is 1x1.
Per Inge Mathisen
Move coding style guide from wiki into git.
It has been cut down quite a bit.
Was at http://developer.wz2100.net/wiki/CodingStyle
More campaign bug fixing.
cam1-ca: Allow the base building blip to switch on and off depending on the amount of structures there are on the plateau.

cam1-5s: Remove extra eight minutes from insane due to being able to research python in Alpha 8.

cam2-end: Rework some rather ugly looking code. Include a bunker buster template for the heavy ground attackers.

libcampaign: Enemy transporter blips disappear once the transporter exits the map.

cam3-b and cam3-c: Use green for the ally color rather than yellow.
Prevent saveload base destruction in campaign.
Enemy base walls should no longer explode when loading a save.
Fix player properties name and ai.
Patch by forum member Forgon.
Fixes ticket:4628.
Vincent Lejeune
Remove sln for msvc 2015
mp: Move satellite uplink functionality to rules.js.
Patch by forum member ShadowWolfTJC.
Fixes ticket:3823.
Fix bugs in Alpha campaign.
-cam1-c: Move the scavDerrickBase cleanup further south to prevent an odd cleanup situation that likely results in one of those bases not eliminating correctly.

-cam1-ca: Changed it so that a player does not need to build more stuff if they already have a sufficient amount of structures on the plateau from the previous mission.

-cam1-d: Ignore wall like structures when looking at the total amount of defenses around the New Paradigm LZ.

-libcampaign: Check for shared base cleanup when destroying a base so that shared bases eliminate properly.
Turkish translation update by wakeup.
Closes #4608.