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Add basic CMakeLists.txt structure
* Use linux line ending
* Use pthread lib for netplay
* Do not link against sdl2main except for MXE
* Readd slash for qt string.
* Use glew static on Linux
Per Inge Mathisen
Fix graphics driver warning when building structure
It is only a spurious performance warning, but still,
nice not to have warnings.

Closes ticket:4592
Clean up a few signed/unsigned warnings.
Convert cam2c {.vlo,.slo} to cam2c.js Delete cam2c.vlo Delete cam2cx.vlo Delete vtols2c.vlo Delete cam2cx.slo
  • master-nightly: compile failed -  stdio
Convert cam2-d(s){.vlo,.slo} to cam2-d(s).js
campaign library: Move the victory callback into its own function so that it can be used in something other than standard. Include a way to stop hit and run vtol spawn.
Delete cam2-ds.vlo
Delete cam2d.vlo
Delete vtols2d.vlo
Delete cam2dx.slo
  • master-nightly: compile failed -  stdio
Per Inge Mathisen
Droid ranks are now a brain property and can be upgraded.
Droid ranks (levels) are now defined in the brain stats file,
and can be different for each defined brain type. The required
experience for increasing in rank, and the number of droids
that a commander can control (base and multiplied by level both),
are stored as upgrades, and can be modified from scripts. This
can be used to implement for example research upgrades touching
these stats. It is also possible to name ranks differently for
each brain type.

Adds new cheat 'bettertogether' that boosts the experience of
selected droids.

Adds new tech 'Command Turret Upgrade' that increases command
limit of commanders by 20%, increases extra command limit per
rank level by 50%, and reduces experience required per level
for commanders by 10%. This should not imbalance commanders
since they are still useless.
Update campaign 2-b script
  • master-nightly: compile failed -  stdio
Per Inge Mathisen
Do not allow storing templates or loading of stored templates in campaign.
Since templates are stored in the savegame anyway, having stored template
support in campaigns is mostly superfluous, and a cause for bugs.
Fix cam1-B save bug
If a player were to save on campaign mission 1-B, they would likely never be able to complete the mission due to a bad label.
base 3 now has a cleanup area for the sake of consistency.
  • master-nightly: compile failed -  stdio
Convert cam2-5(s){.vlo,.slo} to cam2-5(s).js Delete cam2-5.vlo Delete cam2-5s.vlo
  • master-nightly: compile failed -  stdio
shaders: Rename variable to avoid name conflict.
A varying and a uniform had the same name.

Hopefully fixes ticket:4589.
Prevent command relay being built off-world
Command relays should never be built in off-world missions
  • master-nightly: compile failed -  stdio
Add docker file for cross compilation.
Per Inge Mathisen
Change hitpoints handling in stats
Each component now has two base hitpoint stats,
'hitpoints' and 'hitpoint percentage'. The latter
increases the hitpoints of the whole droid. Each
can be upgraded through the scripts. The old
"body points" has been renamed to "hitpoints"
throughout the stats code, to match JSON stats.

Propulsions also have a new 'hitpoint percentage
of body' stat, to emulate the current strange
calculation, where propulsions are a percentage
of the body hitpoints, without preventing scripts
from setting hitpoints directly.

Tiny balance change: The brain component can be
upgraded to increase hitpoints from this
component by 20%. This is mostly an example of how
the new system can be used - commanders are still
Add ‘id’ to LINGUAS.
Vincent Lejeune
Improve CMakeLists.txt.
* Use target and properties.
* Relies on define/includes dependencies propagation.
* Use CPack for install.
Per Inge Mathisen
qtscript: Fix bug in previous commit preventing weapon cyborg production.
Also make sure we set the correct droid types for campaign.
keymap: Use keymap.json instead of keymap.map.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Simplify link code slightly.
Convert cam2-6(s) {.vlo,.slo} to cam2-6(s).js And fix a campaign template. Delete cam2-6.vlo Delete cam2-6s.vlo Delete cam2dx.vlo
Disable a group in cam2-6

region group four may not be necessary.
  • master-nightly: compile failed -  stdio
Per Inge Mathisen
Change object flags to std::bitset.
More consistency, and less memory if we should get many more flags.
Convert cam2-b{.vlo,.slo} to cam2-b.js Delete cam2b.vlo Delete cam2bx.vlo Delete vtols2b.vlo Delete cam2bx.slo
  • master-nightly: compile failed -  stdio
More fixes for cam2-1
Do not force the northern most cyborg group to regroup. Doing so can cause a path finding error.
Make sure that the droids near the crashed transport do not trigger a victory without the player moving to the crash site.
  • master-nightly: compile failed -  stdio
Don't assert on loading games which have already been won/lost.
Fixes ticket:4590 and ticket:3928.
Convert cam2-7/8(s){.vlo,.slo} to cam2-7/8(s).js
Delete cam2-7.vlo
Delete cam2-7s.vlo
Delete cam2-8.vlo
Delete cam2-8s.vlo
Delete vtols2-7.vlo
Delete vtols2-8.vlo
  • master-nightly: compile failed -  stdio
Add electronic weaponry for SemperFi-js.
Adds the capability to use EMP bomb and EMP cannon with units.
Remove the hover recycling timer properly this time.
Nexus link tower/EMP-cannon hardpoint/EMP-mortar pit can now be built.
Research now gets to thermite bomb quicker instead of staying with phosphor bomb for a long time.
Various code cleanups/aesthetic improvements.
Fix a couple of missing semicolons.
Move bomb accuracy in front of plasmite bomb.
Remove superfluous artifact in cam2-6
This artifact can be found in campaign 2-C.
Per Inge Mathisen
Introducing new main savegame file: main.json
Saves all the content of the .gam file to a new main.json
file. None of the existing .gam information is replaced,
with one exception - see below - and while the information
is written out, it is mostly not used yet. The plan is to
phase it in gradually to make testing both easier and more

The information on recycled experience is now stored in
a priority queue, and the number of experience values a player
can store is no longer limited. These values are now stored
and read from the new main.json. Existing experience values
in legacy savegames will still load, but in new savegames they
will be stored in main.json only, and the .gam file will only
contain zeroes in these fields.

A new cheat code is added to easier test this new functionality,
'teach us', which will give all selected units a big experience
Cleanup 2-1
Use an extra victory callback for cam2-1 and use bases that the WZ Script version did not.
  • master-nightly: compile failed -  stdio
Update po/POTFILES.in.
Should fix the buildbot build.
update campaign 2-b labels
  • master-nightly: compile failed -  stdio
Per Inge Mathisen
Remove unused code. Add some const. Cleanup.
Pulled out of next large patch to reduce review size.
Per Inge Mathisen
qtscript: Fix bugs giving cyborg engineers only legs, no body.
The problem lies with the hardcoded 'droid type', which needs
to be set somehow. It used to be hardcoded in the body component,
but once those were merged, the type information was lost. Now
with this patch they are supplied by turret components instead.
In the longer run, we should just remove reliance upon 'droid type'
Add files via upload
Indonesian translation started. Will keep it updated.
widget: Unconditionally show template in the design screen.
See a6371405372731a6e1da2d2b83e3e775b0de5ebe.

Fixes ticket:4440.
Per Inge Mathisen
qtscript: Add a way for a script library to register an event namespace
New function: namespace(prefix)

The namespace function registers a new namespace for events, that the
script environment will call in addition to the non-prefixed event names.
This allows script libraries to exist that can handle events, without
overwriting or being overwritten by scripts using that library.

All existing campaign event handlers except area handlers have been
changed to use the new namespace feature.

New buttons in debug menu to show all labels, all active labels,
clear labels, and show all gateways.
Fix spaces in folder names breaking autorevision during build
synch: Don't desynch on destroying droids with animations.
Since droidUpdate is a synchronised function, it must not access graphicsTime which
is unsynchronised.

This partially reverts 1ce7e09bab668d06022fdae33c4132043658bbc4.
Fix use after free on donating trucks to allies.
Message processing runs before the game time ticks, so droids could get cleaned up a bit too soon.

Triggered by processing GAME_GIFT, and probably other messages such as GAME_DEBUG_REMOVE_DROID.

See 872cc81fbc5889ac8e74d90c7709812d1415fb47.

==29444==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free on address 0x61a00052e680 at pc 0x00000082eb84 bp 0x7fff01a67df0 sp 0x7fff01a67de0
READ of size 8 at 0x61a00052e680 thread T0
    #0 0x82eb83 in hciUpdate() ../../src/hci.cpp:1032