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Fix placement of droids produced when offworld.
If a droid was produced while the player was in an away mission, saved,
and then reloaded, the droid would appear in a corner of the map.

Fixes ticket:3907.
Campaign script updates.
- Libcampaign: All available non player trucks take orders rather than one at a time.
- Cam1-4a: Only the north pass that is south of the main base will cause an early base detection like in v1.10.
- Cam2-1x: Set the transport team to be green color right away.
- Cam3-1, Cam3-2: Use less code or simply remove unnecessary evaluation logic.
- Cam2-c: scavengers use the civilian texture again.
Fix commit 8c9e726 for visibility.
Per Inge Mathisen
qtscript: Add some missing pieces for tutorial.
Adds the following:
Per Inge Mathisen
Add new weapon flag: NoFriendlyFire
Prevents this weapon from causing friendly
fire from splash damage.
Move multiplayer tech levels to JS.
Removes research topics that were not present in the current
multiplayer research file.

Qtscript: Adds getMultiTechLevel function.
Per Inge Mathisen
Try to fix store user design bug.
We now save the user design file every time we
click the save button, rather than when we exit
the game. Open the userdata/mp/templates.json
file to check that your template was correctly
new configuration option radarRotationArrow can disable arrow pointing north with rotating radar
fixes #4679: fix compiler warning in micro-ECC: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code
Per Inge Mathisen
qtscript: More tutorial events needed.
Adds: eventMenuDesign and eventMenuResearchSelected
fixes #4661: unify research naming (patch 2/2)
Per Inge Mathisen
Slight code cleanup
Fix display of mission end backdrop.
Don't show missionend backdrop in skirmish.
Per Inge Mathisen
Move structure limits into stats rule files.
Limits used to be set in scripts. Now they
are defined in structure.json instead. One
advantage of this change is that the code
is much simpler. Also, we can now set a
default limit value that is different from
the maximum, which we previously could not.
Convert tutorial {.vlo, .slo} to tutorial.js.
Tutorial design is similar to multiplayer where nothing is paused.

- Delete tutorial3.slo
- Delete tutorial3.vlo
Prevent vision gifting upon saveload for campaign.
When loading a save the human player, 0, would be given an ally's vision.

Fixes ticket:4673.
Per Inge Mathisen
Various code cleanups
fixes #4643: pressing buttons labeled "Tab Scroll left" or "Tab Scroll right" now only scrolls one tab
clicking on game options name "Language" now changes its value
Fix showing reticule buttons when offworld.
It did not account for structures back on home base.
Fix stuck transporter bug in cam2-end.
- If there was no droids on map the transporter would get stuck on the
edge of the map.
- Requires three transporter launches instead of one to win.
Some widget and GUI changes.
- Move droid rank to the upper right corner in transporter menu.
- Move the transporter capacity a bit farther out so it is not behind the button.
- Move the transporter launch button and mission timer widget up above
the console display area.

Fixes tickets:4652, 4606, 4653.
Improve upon gameOverMessage function.
No longer plays the mission end or win video in multiplayer. Now it can
play the game outro from within it.
Typo fix in PL translation
Fix typo in 'flashing' and add 'flashing' where it wasn't added.
Per Inge Mathisen
qtscript: Add more missing pieces for tutorial.
New events: eventDesignBody, eventDesignPropulsion,
eventDesignWeapon, eventDesignCommand, eventDesignSystem,
eventDesignQuit, eventMenuBuildSelected, eventMenuBuild,
eventMenuResearch, and eventMenuManufacture.
Convert cam3-4(s){.vlo, .slo} to cam3-4(s).js.
- Uses more bases that were previously unused for this mission.
- libcampaign: Victory data allows for a video to be played at the end of a mission.

- Delete cam3-4.vlo
- Delete cam3-4s.vlo
- Delete cam3-4sx.vlo
- Delete cam3-4x.vlo
- Delete vtols3-4.vlo
- Delete cam3-4sx.slo
- Delete cam3-4x.slo
Per Inge Mathisen
Fix crash when re-initializing reticule UI.
Always show droid rank in transporter menu.
It was not shown in missions other than those offworld.
Unify research naming.
Closes ticket:4661. Patch from Kreuvf.
Per Inge Mathisen
Keep track of more power stats.
Track total amount of power extracted and total
amount of wasted power due to limit reached. For
now not used for anything, but can be shown later
in score menu.
fixes #4623: do not display screen resolutions < 640x480 in video options
Per Inge Mathisen
Improve reticule control from scripts.
setReticuleButton() now takes an optional
extra parameter to set a callback function
that is called when the button is pressed.
Per Inge Mathisen
Move reticule button enable/disable control into scripts.
New qtscript features:
- setReticuleFlash(id, value) - make reticule button flash
- levelType - read type of level (set in .lev file)
Scavenger stat naming consistency for base.
Scavenger stats follow a similar naming convention.

Closes ticket:4674. Changes from forum member Hironaru.
Per Inge Mathisen
Add more images that can be used in the reticule.
fixes #4664: create all configuration folder subdirectories at program start in function realmain()
- 'challenges' is now created at program start
- 'mods' now includes 'autoload' 'campaign', 'global', 'multiplay' and 'music'
- 'tests' for games launched with --skirmish is no longer missing
- 'multiplay' subdirectories 'campaign' and 'mp' are now created at program start

Closes ticket:4664.
Per Inge Mathisen
Fix debug message typo in previous commit
Convert fastplay demo into JS.
Scripted using the campaign library.
- Delete fastdemo.slo
- Delete fastdemo.vlo
- Delete start.slo
- Delete start.vlo
Nikos Papadopoulos
fixes #3703: updated Greek translation by Nikos Papadopoulos