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Fix enemy base detection in libcampaign upon load.
Update cam2-6.js
Convert cam2-end {.vlo,.slo} to cam2-end.js
Prepare campaign library for research update and fix syntax warnings.
Allow passing in an array for VTOL spawn positions and randomly choose
one. Add victory standard timeout.
Delete cam2end.vlo
Delete cam2endx.vlo
Delete cam2endx.slo
Update POTFILES.in
Fix power modifiers after load in campaign.
Move NPLZ5 in cam1-ca. New Paradigm units could get too close the the edge of the hill.
Fixes ticket:3754.
qtscript: Add function useSafetyTransport(bool)
Function addSafetyTransport(bool) is used to change the default behavior of the mission transport by allowing multiple droid loads on non off-world missions. setReinforcementTime() is used to change the delay between when the transport vanishes and appears again.
Per Inge Mathisen
Various spelling fixes and unused code deletion.
Patch by Forgon from ticket:4612.
More campaign fixes
Prevent Thermite bomb being available instantly in Gamma 3-A.
Correct Gamma 3-A so that mission failure only is checked after one minute.
Disable enemy research in WZ Script missions for now.
Convert cam3-b{.vlo,.slo} to cam3-b.js
Set the mission time properly in cam3-1s instead in cam3-1.
Add some yet to be used nexus functionality in the campaign library.
Fix human player droid structure targeting behavior in campaign.

Delete cam3b.vlo
Delete cam3btech.vlo
Delete cam3bx.vlo
Delete vtols3b.vlo
Delete cam3bx.slo
Update POTFILES.in
Update cam-2b and cam2-1x scripts.
Merge the power transfer code into cam2-b and make it actually transfer power instead of just playing the sound.
cam2-1x: Delay group orders in eventStartLevel().

Delete cam2bx.js
Finish cam3-A and add dynamic difficulty
Finishes campaign 3-A script.
Updates research to get everything correctly in Gamma.
Fix enemy VTOL units being stuck in campaign.
The enemy players actually are given research benefits instead of nothing.
Add insane difficulty option for campaign.
Make campaign more dynamic with difficulty.
Certain values such as timers, power, and transport times now change with campaign difficulty.

Fix enemy base elimination sounds

Apply the changes made to the old campaign research files in b1cb129247bca05fb35e50b15e8bedee2d6f4a8a to the new file.

Fix enemy research in campaign.
The same research item could be continuously researched over and over again and could possibly be used for unfair advantages.
Add transporter warning in campaign.
pcv381.ogg will play when the enemy transport appears on map.
Update campaign library
Campaign Library:
Prevent non-weapons based units from attacking the player.
Fix events not being processed for non-human players after loading a save.
Reduce the idle time of trucks to 40 seconds.
Do not pass non-droids into isVTOL() anymore.

cam1-ca - Player must endure eleven New Paradigm transport loads before victory can be achieved so as to prevent a possible victory of about two minutes.
cam1-7 - Use eventTransporterExit() instead of a queued function to check for the New Paradigm escaping with the artifact.
Fix mods not separated properly.
The first mod would be missing the comma separator if more than one is currently active.
Fixes ticket:2918.
Convert cam3-2(s){.vlo,.slo} to cam3-2(s).js
cam1-a: Do not scale starting power with difficulty.

Delete cam3-2.vlo
Delete cam3-2s.vlo
Delete cam3-2tech.vlo
Delete cam3-2x.vlo
Delete vtols3-2.vlo
Delete cam3-2x.slo
Update POTFILES.in
  • master-nightly: compile failed -  stdio
Add transitionTech.js
Useful file for containing all research tech required by transition missions.
Per Inge Mathisen
debug menu: Reorganize and add more features.
Reorganized the tabs into a multi-level hierarchy.

Add overview of some global variables. Add overview
of some player variables. Added button to attach a
javascript AI to a player.
Update libcampaign and cam3-2.
Use the correct variable in edge map reinforcement group size.
Setup patrols slightly later.

Do not target the player's transporter.
Remove some superfluous checks in group tactics.
Update Nexus functionality and add some sounds.
Check if a base has already been eliminated before continuing in __camCheckBaseEliminated().
Vincent Lejeune
Wrap texture object.
Condense campaign research into one file
Squashes the campaign research files into one so that research from previous campaigns can be interlinked with each-other and allow proper research bonuses to be applied for both the player and more importantly the enemy players. To see how this works, view function camCompleteRequiredResearch(array_of_research_names, player) in the campaign library.

VTOL factory production research message no longer uses the rearming pad message.
Delete cam1res.wrf
Delete cam2res.wrf
Delete cam3res.wrf
Delete research_cam1.json
Delete research_cam2.json
Delete research_cam3.json
Fix function call for useSafetyTransport()
Had the old name in it.
Fix auto replace of cyborg flamer in multiplayer.
Cyborg flamer no longer will automatically upgrade to the Thermite cyborg flamer weapon in multiplay/skirmish.
Fixes ticket:4331.
qt: Fix linker error.
This reverts a bit of d0dd6cf6b801918cba042b65bdc56e183fb675fd.
Updates for cam1-3 and libcampaign.
libcampaign: Include all missions starting with cam1-c to make sure scavenger Kevlar is used in place of the non-Kevlar texture.
cam1-3: Make the NPDefense label into an area label instead of a group label. Rearrange labels to look better.

cam1-c: Make transporter base reinforcement time change with difficulty.
Update group tactics and nerf Insane in campaign.
Make timers more practical in Insane difficulty. Additionally, do not change transport times with difficulty.
Group tactics are written cleaner.
cam1-3 and cam1-c had basically no research for the New Paradigm so now they get very basic research in those missions.
Update POTFILES.in
Fix campaign.
Seems isReceivingAllEvents should not be set globally.
More bug fixes in libcampaign and mission 2-end.
Do not allow non-droids being put into the droids var in group tactics.
The above stops those "droid id x not found belonging to player y" type messages.
Properly check for the win condition in Beta-end instead of it always being true due to an incorrect function call.
Convert cam3-1(s) {.vlo,.slo} to cam3-1(s).js
Combines 3-1x.vlo and count3-1.vlo in addition to any other related files for this mission.

Delete cam3-1.vlo
Delete cam3-1s.vlo
Delete cam3-1x.vlo
Delete count3-1.vlo
Delete vtols3-1.vlo
Delete cam3-1x.slo
Update group tactics in libcampaign
Introduce cam_eventGameLoaded() to fix the scavenger Kevlar texture not being applied in the later Alpha missions after save load.
Enemy group tactics:
* Do not let VTOLs slowly hover above player objects if there are no rearming pads and they have no ammo.
* Explicitly attack structures now. No longer will enemy units be defeated by a mere wall or tank trap.
* Make sensors use DORDER_OBSERVE instead of relentless ramming into the target.

cam2-a and cam3-a updated to give rank correctly.
Enemy groups will attack nearby objects close to them.
Fix campaign script bugs.
cam1-5: New Paradigm transport keeps coming until nearby New Paradigm objects are destroyed around the LZ.
cam1-7: Must destroy all New Paradigm units to achieve victory.
cam1-d: Similar fix with cam1-5 and do not remove a certain proximity blip more than once.
cam2-a: Similar fix with cam1-5.

Make group targeting code a bit more sane (and faster) now that the AI can freely attack nearby walls and tank traps without explicit orders.

AI units now attack walls without explicit orders.
Increase RTLZ area label in campaign 1-D
Now correctly touches the map border.
Update POTFILES.in
Update for the campaign conversion of 3-1(s).
Increase enemy power in campaign.
Enemy power could be used up too fast. In some instances the power could be used within a few minutes.
As such, the default power levels have been increased anywhere from ~2-4 times the original values.
Minor improvements to campaign scripts.
Tweak the enemy group tactics to target nearby stuff better.
cam1-5/1-c: Remove NPDefenseGroup as it was basically useless.
cam2-a/3-a: Transport reinforcement timers should not change with difficulty.
Per Inge Mathisen
Remove unused SEQ_TEXT_FOLLOW_ON
Add timer to cam1-1s.
The timer for this mission now starts immediately instead of waiting until the power module is built. It could lead to a power exploit.
More campaign library updates.
Reset active factory data upon game load.
Check that droids exist before giving orders and make sure structures are not ordered to move around.

Push NPLZ5 farther east in cam1-ca.
Play reinforcements are available sound in cam1-2.
Convert cam3-a{.vlo,.slo} to cam3-a.js
Updates to campaign library and templates included.
Update POTFILES.in
Update campaign scripts for research update
Scripts now call camCompleteRequiredResearch(array_or_research_names, player) to do research. Allowing both the player and enemy players to have research bonuses applied in full regardless of campaign.

Scripts were run through jshint to catch syntax warning and some were corrected. Cosmetic changes were made along the way for some.
Line endings changed to LF if they were not already.