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Update campaign library chat
Make an exception for campaign 1-1s so that if a player in cheat mode types "let me win"  they can skip the power module
part without being placed into campaign 1-1 instantly.
Include function isCheating() to check if a player is in cheat mode from mission scripts.
Per Inge Mathisen
Save vectors as JSON numbers, rather than strings.
Still able to read both.
qt: Fix build.
A header was missing.

Fixes ticket:4580.
Per Inge Mathisen
Revert "Release 3.2.3" as per the release procedure
This reverts commit d1d29f40d2bd2d6d8acab1de5a40bca58be11d28
Per Inge Mathisen
More automated fixes by clang-tidy
Checking for unnecessary use of c_str(), unused const
possibilities, and unnecessary null checking before
Per Inge Mathisen
campaign: Make sure __camOriginalEvents is not put into savegames.
Per Inge Mathisen
Release 3.2.3
Per Inge Mathisen
Compile fix
Per Inge Mathisen
Implement some clang performance improvement suggestions.
Mostly related to proper use of .empty() over .size() in
std containers when possible.
Per Inge Mathisen
Update the Changelog
Quasi complete translation + small fix
keymap: Use keymap.json instead of keymap.map.
Per Inge Mathisen
c++11 modernization: Replace NULL with nullptr.
nullptr has the advantage that it is always a pointer type, giving
less ambiguity with overloading and template programming.
Per Inge Mathisen
It is now 2017. Update copyright notices accordingly.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Simplify link code slightly.
Per Inge Mathisen
c++11 modernization: Remove most extern and explicit void function parameters.
Make code look less like your grandpa's C++
glsl: Avoid using uniform initialisers.
Maybe this will help with compatibility, since according to https://www.khronos.org/opengl/wiki/Uniform_(GLSL)
“Platform Issue (Unknown): Some drivers do not implement uniform initializers correctly.”
Merge remote-tracking branch 'akien-mga/datarootdir'
Closes ticket:4578.
make -Cpo update-po
Improvements to SemperFi-JS AI
Split the JavaScript SemperFi AI into multiple files for better maintenance.

Notable improvements:
-Fix the bad research pattern (at least it does not do random research until the end).
-Fix never building VTOL rearming pads despite building VTOL units.
-Fix stronger thermal bombs being ignored for phosphor bomb.
-Add choice of rocket/missile weapons for VTOL units.
-Rewrite the maintenance portion in build.
-Rewrite building and unfinished structure building code.
-Set timers to (hopefully) not coincide on the same tick with other SemperFi AI if present.
-Weapon choice for tanks now have a chance for artillery and regular rockets/missiles.
-Only attacks living players (has [cyborg]factory + construction droids). In addition it will attack more frequently.
-Reduced performance bottlenecks.
-Support for hover maps.
-Recycle trucks for hover propulsion if they do not have it.
-Responds to beacon drops.
-Builds anti air rockets/missile defense systems.
Dmitry Marakasov
Include errno.h for errno
Per Inge Mathisen
Add chat link to front page.
See http://forums.wz2100.net/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=12868
Rémi Verschelde
autotools: Use datarootdir as prefix for non game-specific system paths
This allows overriding datadir to point to /usr/share/games as done by distros such as
Mageia and Debian, since it is the recommended (but not mandatory) path from the FHS
for games data.
Fixed problem with "APDSB Mg Bullets"
Update campaign 1-1s script
Allow the player to cheat past the power module building part.
Per Inge Mathisen
Header cleanup. Should reduce compile a bit.
keymap: Refactor.
Use std::list, remove dead code.
Per Inge Mathisen
More header cleanups.
Per Inge Mathisen
c++11 modernization: Use the new range-based for loop
Try to avoid crashing on loading unknown templates.
Refs ticket:4581.
Make shaders compile on more systems.
gl_FragData[1] apparently doesn't compile for everyone.

Fixes ticket:4584.
Per Inge Mathisen
Clang build fixes
Use format strings with ssprintf. Patch by c-korn.
May fix compilation on some Ubuntu systems.
Per Inge Mathisen
Implement some more clang performance improvement suggestions.
Related to passing classes by reference or using move semantics.
Per Inge Mathisen
New interesting challenge 'Two-faced' by forum user Forgon.
Per Inge Mathisen
Fix one of the locked position setting for challenges.
This one was inverted. The other one worked.
widget: Unconditionally show template in the design screen.
See a6371405372731a6e1da2d2b83e3e775b0de5ebe.

Fixes ticket:4440.
Per Inge Mathisen
Cleanup: Remove unused file reference. Remove unused assignment.
Corentin Noël
Update AppData to latest specification, add more properties
Closes ticket:4570.